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Time for a new phase

I want to grow! If you want to grow, you can't be afraid taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Time for a new phase
I'm ready to start a new phase in my career. After working for years as a business analyst for various companies, I have decided to focus on my own company and expand my entrepreneurship. By doing so, in the future, not just one customer, but several customers will benefit my talents.

Good opportunity
Besides my work as a business analyst I have also always been busy developing web-applications. In 2008 I sold one of these applications to a major Dutch bank. I recently extended this contract to upgrade the application to a new version. It's a good opportunity for me to expand my activities and offer my software solutions to more companies.

My passion
When I'm working, I feel like an artist; I cannot stop being creative and find solutions for IT-challenges. I closely follow software trends to ensure that my applications never get out of date. It's my passion to create applications, which are generic, flexible, simplify work and never takes control of our life. My application is such type of product. You will hear more about it soon!

Kind regards,
Robert Wilson