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A destination is not a place, but a vision of the future

Crossing boundaries, making them fade: it's a goal that RaDeSys has embraced. Working remotely, collaborating in different time zones, creating beautiful pieces of work together - that's the dream. And modern technologies have made it possible for us to roll up our sleeves, pack our bags, and work from anywhere in the world. Allow us to explain why we believe that a destination is a vision rather than a place.


Too often, people are bound to a certain location as a result of their work. A visionary thinker that wants to invoke an international feel knows that talent can be based in all corners of the globe - and realizes the importance of facilitating a remote workplace. This way, a local presence can be created anywhere.

RaDeSys consists of adventurers at heart. We want to deliver impeccable work and immaculate customer service - and explore the world while doing so. Location-unbound working: that's what we're establishing right now. How?

Using technology to realize 'the dream'

What if a company is not physically present at a specific location and uses technologies - such as the internet, a cloud, and Skype - to collaborate with talented people all around the world? Joining forces with the cream of the crop, regardless of where they're based: isn't that what forward-thinking companies are striving for? It sure is what RaDeSys is aiming at. After all, a flourishing present-day business can only expand in all directions by creating work in all countries. To do so, it's essential that it fully incorporates the concept of remote working. Why?

The human factor

Some people are extraordinarily good at what they do. As a business, you want to attract them, but location is a common problem. Many people aren't keen on leaving their familiar environment for a job; they want to be close to their family and friends. Instead of excluding them, companies can enable virtual working and enter into fruitful long-term collaborations. An occasional get-together, such as a virtual conference, will ensure that all employees can spend some quality time with each other, exchanging ideas and experiences.

All right. We painted the picture, and to be honest, it's like music to our ears. Now, only one question remains: are you ready to jump on the 'location-unbound train' with us and start seeing destinations as visions of the future?