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The Magic of Orchestration

When going to a symphonic, did you ever wonder how so many different people with different instruments can produce something so harmoniously - based on a single piece of music that only one person wrote/composed?

Now, if you take a closer look you will notice that the sheets are not all alike. That is because each musician does something else - with or without the others. In fact, there is only one magical person who ensures that everything goes right: the conductor. He directs, listens, coordinates, and gives directions. And then, he lets go - because he trusts his musicians, who know what to do under his inspiring leadership.

Your application: the perfect conductor

Is that symphonic orchestra still echoing in your head? Great! Now, let's translate the concept to IT. RaDeSys developed an application called "Orchestrate IT". Basically, this application is the conductor that informs receiving applications and/or environments about the changes that should be made. The receiving parties can be seen as the musicians. The lines of code and procedures equal sheet music. A firm leader that incessantly coordinates all parties involved, "Orchestrate IT" is the perfect conductor!

Orchestrating IT: a twofold goal

The IT cycle consists of four stages: development, acceptance, testing, and production. Each stage has its own environment, and you want to be able to send any new data to each environment - which is required after testing and making adjustments, for example. "Orchestrate IT" independently ensures that the right data ends up in the next stage. This application has a twofold goal:

1. Based on one entry made by a user, it knows which applications need to be informed about this entry;
2. It can provide information to all environments, from development to production, without one being affected by the other.

One application, endless possibilities

Just like one conductor can conduct endless musical masterpieces, "Orchestrate IT" can orchestrate virtually every IT project. For example, you can use it to build web portals, websites, or any other web environment. RaDeSys' user-friendly application orchestrates, but at the same time, it's very flexible; you can even use it as a content manager or web development tool. In short, its capabilities are nearly infinite - like those of a skilled conductor!


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