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Trends in the IT landscape: RaDeSys' vision

The IT landscape is constantly changing. To keep up with the times, it is important to be aware of new trends. At RaDeSys, we follow all developments in the market closely - and consequently, we have a clear vision on them as well. In this blogpost, we would like to elaborate our view of today's IT trends!

More technology, less communication

Conventional ways of communicating are becoming less and less popular. Consumers can organize everything online, which they find so convenient that they tend to forget what it is like to talk to people in person. Communication is done via text and app messages and companies are facilitating online contract handling for their customers. The result? 'Real' people are often no longer part of the equation.

Whether technology replacing large parts of communication in society is a good thing, is hard to say. What we do know is that it's becoming increasingly harder to have a normal telephone conversation - for example, with a helpdesk employee. This is concerning at the least. We have stressed it before and we will emphasize it once more: losing ourselves as well as our ability to deal with other people is no positive development. RaDeSys believes that technology should support rather than control people. Software is a means; not a purpose.

One-size-fits-all websites

A quick cast on the design of any website leads to a clear conclusion: all websites are starting to look the same. Sure, the colors may differ a bit and logos are still brand-related, but besides that, it is hard to distinguish between them. This type of standardization may be beneficial for users - for example, a user that is used to one website will know how to work with another without any training - but on the other hand, there is a danger in losing our uniqueness. After all, corporate identity is everything to companies - and losing it basically equals losing your most fundamental USP. In other words: businesses can't afford to lose themselves completely in the one-size-fits-all website trend.

RaDeSys' approach

So what path has RaDeSys decided to follow? Well, we are perfectly aware of current trends, and we follow them to a certain extent. Market demands simply can't be ignored, as we are here for our clients in the first place. On the other hand, we are currently investigating other options with which we can distinguish ourselves as a company within the current framework. We don't follow the crowd just because trends dictate it; proper communication and user-friendliness are and will remain our first priorities. This approach is, after all, what our clients love about us!