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The more something has to offer, the more can go wrong

Have you always had your eye on that nice-looking Jaguar with all its fancy features? Deep down, do you want it and can you see yourself driving it? Well, you might want to reconsider this. Because the more options a car has, the more can break.

Easy-on-the-eye features might seem appealing, but if the manufacturer has not tested and double checked everything, things tend to go south quickly. And the same goes for software and applications. Let us explain.

'Fancy' is not always functional

All the bells and whistles might be pretty to look at in the beginning, but they don't necessarily make your life better. What users don't realize is that an added degree of complexity often impedes a smooth and proper functioning of software and applications. Developers need to ensure that everything works the way it should - and unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Because 'fancy' is not easy to implement, as in this day and age there are many platforms and devices to consider. As a result, users buy IT solutions that are great in theory, but lead to a lot of problems in practice.

User-friendliness: your number one priority

The user should always be put first. Therefore, complex features can never be included at the expense of user-friendliness. Software should be stable and run properly - on multiple platforms at a time. This means that developers should not use every feature just because they can. Its functionality and value must be carefully assessed, and it should only be used if it truly adds to the user's experience.

RaDeSys' approach: make it easier, not harder

We like to provide our clients with user-friendly software and applications that work. Fancy features are only included if they are of added value - not simply because they are available. At RaDeSys, we don't like to make things more difficult than they have to be. To put it fancily, our products are beautifully practical and wonderfully useful. Or, in other words, they work properly.

Let's face it: we don't all drive a Jaguar, nor should we want to. RaDeSys' reliable car will smoothly ride you into the sunset - and beyond!