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A vision of our own: how the 'odd man out' stands out

IT-savvy with a focus on humans

At the heart of RaDeSys is a skilled and adept team that breathes IT. But unlike our tech-savvy peers, we place a strong focus on the human side of things. At RaDeSys, we like to create technology that people really need. Similarly, we want to fulfill the needs of our talented team. That is why we firmly believe in location-unbound working, which greatly facilitates the lives of our - current and future - employees. This concept allows businesses like ours to attract the cream of the crop without borders getting in the way!

IT solutions that support people

Today's society is largely dominated by technology: we are addicted to our smartphones and tablets, and spending an hour without our apps makes us restless. As much as RaDeSys loves technology, we believe that it should support rather than control people. Responding to business needs and facilitating lengthy company processes through technology: that is what RaDeSys does on a daily basis.

Software as art

Creating software is not just about zeros and ones. RaDeSys likes to compare its field with the fine arts. We paint with our computers, creating technology that is as innovative as it is useful. We shape, reshape, and optimize - over and over again. Next, we orchestrate: like musical conductors, we direct and coordinate. We even named an ingenious application after it: "Orchestrate IT". The products emerging from this comprehensive process, which is both technical and creative, are what we make available to our clients: software solutions that make their lives easier!