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    RaDeSys was established in 1999, primarily to provide a generic content management system but has since evolved into an IT consultancy firm and web applications provider.


    From customizing software to developing and hosting web portals, from maintaining web content to creating applications. Whatever your business requires, RaDeSys offers quick and contemporary solutions guaranteed to satisfy your needs and enhance your productivity.

    We understand that every project is different and that each project needs a specific skillset to suit its requirements. The RaDeSys team includes professionals, of all ages, with fresh and innovative ideas combined with a vision to implement the latest technologies.

    Over the years RaDeSys has provided standardized or highly customized applications for clients in areas such as telecommunications and banking. We define your business needs and then deliver an interactive and proficient solution that meets your requirements.


    We offer both products and services.

  • What We Do

    We're on a mission to realise your dreams on the internet.

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    Products and Services

    We specialise in on-line applications. We listen and help you define your business requirements. We will design, develop and implement the software that we have specified together.


    A tailored web application is the best business tool you could possibly have. We understand the importance of communicating with you in order to pinpoint and define your business needs. Whether you require a standardized or customized application we will design, develop, implement and maintain to provide you with the best possible solution.

    Website Design and Development
    In today's competitive market a successful website is the most valuable marketing tool available to you, web presence is essential in opening new lines of communication and ultimately enhancing your business productivity. Whatever the scale of your business we can create a website to suit your requirements and when that is complete we can continue to provide support through maintaining your web portal.

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    Orchestrate IT is our configurations manager application that lets you manage the configuration settings in the most complex IT networks.

    Orchestrate IT uses its own release management functionality and automatically produces the necessary information when required so you don't have to keep on top of it.

    You can use Orchestrate-IT to

    - configure your own web-portal,

    - configure your own internal configuration management application

    - cleanse, prepare and manage data that needs to be migrated from different legacy systems to one environment.


    Orchestrate IT is tried and tested, it has recently been purchased by a large Dutch financial institution and we plan to have Orchestrate IT available using cloud technology within the near future.

  • Who We Are

    "My mission? Creating technology that supports rather than controls people."

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    Robert Wilson


    Robert Wilson is a born artist. He's not a traditional painter, nor a sculptor - but like all artists, he creates something. His works of art are software products in the broadest sense of the word. Robert designs, shapes, and orchestrates until something beautiful, innovative, and useful emerges from his efforts. And that is what he makes available to clients through his company: RaDeSys.

    In the 1990s, Robert visited Europe to test his programming skills. After selling his company in South Africa, his home country, he decided to emigrate. A thoroughly experienced business analyst and systems architect, Robert is particularly well-versed in the fields of CRM, configurations management, and content management. Over the years, he worked with companies such as Shell, Interpay, KPN, IBM, and Rabobank.

    Driven by a passion for IT and efficiency, he established RApid DEvelopment SYStems (RaDeSys) on January 1, 1999, and he developed his own web portal builder software called RApid DEvelopment SYStem. With this software, it is possible to develop websites and applications in hours instead of weeks.

    In all his endeavors, Robert has never lost sight of one central question: Who controls your life - the device or you? Although nowadays, the first is true for most people, Robert strongly believes that humans are still the most powerful computers in existence. Therefore, he wants to create software that will help people rather than take control of their lives. "We need to come into contact with each other, and technology should support us in doing so. The human factor is my guiding principle," says Robert. This is also the reason why he prefers to use everyday language instead of complex high-tech terms when explaining things to his clients.

    Robert's IT approach is as clear as his vision for the future: "We need to develop applications that make people's lives easier. I want someone to use my creations because they truly need it; not because I will make money out of it." This attitude has resulted in many happy and loyal clients, such as Robert's South-African friend for whom he developed a solid program that facilitated her business endeavors. After he had moved to Europe, she refused to hire a different software developer, as she deeply trusted Robert's ability to create things that fulfilled her business needs.

    And that reflects the philosophy that Robert has envisioned for RaDeSys: "It is not just about profit margins. I am an artist who paints with his computer to create things that people in today's society require." This summarizes what Robert does best: reaching the pinnacle of creativity to produce products that facilitate life.

  • The Blog

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    In an era where information is a click away and connectivity knows no bounds, the allure of the digital realm has never been stronger. We find ourselves navigating a world where our fingertips hold the gateway to endless knowledge, but amidst this convenience, a subtle transformation is taking...
    Today, new technologies are being launched all the time. The question is: would it be wise to use each and every one of them, just to keep up with the times? How can you find the perfect balance between switching to new innovations and staying true to your current system? We would like to share...
    The IT landscape is constantly changing. To keep up with the times, it is important to be aware of new trends. At RaDeSys, we follow all developments in the market closely - and consequently, we have a clear vision on them as well. In this blogpost, we would like to elaborate our view of today's...
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